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Has Your Insurance Company Denied
Your Disability Claim?

Whether an insurance company, employer, union or other ERISA governed
plan has denied your insurance claim, we can help.

How We Help

ERISA Lawyer Practice Areas

If you are searching for a ERISA Lawyer, you have come to the right place. Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire has been helping clients for 30 years. As an experienced, top-rated lawyer, he can help you build a solid foundation for your case as you move forward with defending your rights. Find out more below about what he can do to help you. Call ERISA Lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire today at (617) 681-7815 in order to obtain a consultation for your situation.

At the law office of Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire, our accidental death claims attorney provide a skillful help to people who have suffered dismemberment and those who have lost loved ones as the result of an accident.

We will review your insurance policy and all the required documentation to recognize and prepare to respond to the reasons why the insurer denied your claim.

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