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Winning Your Lincoln Financial Disability Appeal

If you find yourself grappling with a denial of your long-term disability benefits from Lincoln Financial, you’re not alone. The complexities of navigating this situation demand a strategic approach. Our experienced Lincoln Financial disability denial attorney is here to guide you through the appeal process and help you reclaim the benefits you rightfully deserve.

Unraveling the Challenges of a Denial

Facing a denial from Lincoln Financial for your long-term disability claim can be disheartening. Insurance companies, driven by profit motives, often employ various tactics to deny legitimate claims. Understanding the common reasons for denials is crucial:

  • Policy Coverage Dispute: Insurers may argue that your disability doesn’t fall within the policy’s coverage. The insurer may allege your claim is subject to a preexisting exclusion limitation. The insurer may argue that your claim results from a war injury.
  • Insufficient Medical Evidence: Claims may be denied if the insurer deems the medical evidence of your disabling condition insufficient. Insurance companies tend not to contest your diagnosis. The insurer contests the symptoms of your diagnosis suggesting that, for example, chronic pain is overstated.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Challenges: The insurer might rely on Functional Capacity Evaluation reports suggesting you can perform tasks that could enable you to get another job.
  • Contradictory Medical Opinions: Insurers might dispute your treating physicians’ opinions, relying on their hired doctors’ assessments. Typically, these doctors never examine you, and instead review your medical records too often reaching an opposite conclusion about your ability to work and suggesting treating doctors don’t know what they are talking about.
  • Missed Deadlines or Documentation: Claims may be denied due to missed deadlines or failure to provide required claim forms.

How We Help Clients With Their Appeal

  • Complimentary Denial Letter Review: Our Lincoln Financial denial disability attorney offer a thorough, free review of your denial letter and usually your entire claim file. Time is of the essence, so reach out to us promptly. We provide a free strategy for pursuing your benefits without any obligation.
  • Direct Consultation with Our Attorney: Call 617-357-9700 to speak directly with our Lincoln Financial disability attorney. We represent clients nationwide, tirelessly fighting for those unjustly denied LTD benefits.

Filing a Strategic Long-Term Disability Appeal

  • ERISA disability claims, such as those with Lincoln Financial, entail unique procedures and tight deadlines for appeals. Understanding this process is pivotal.
  • Administrative Claim Filing: Most of the time you have just 180 days from receiving the denial letter to file an administrative claim, a prerequisite before suing. Most insurance companies are reasonable and if you ask for time in writing the insurance company will grant the extension.
  • Evidence Inclusion: Compile all relevant medical records, physician letters, and witness statements for the administrative claim, as this evidence is crucial for a potential lawsuit.

The Role of an ERISA Disability Attorney

ERISA laws favor insurance companies, making it imperative to level the playing field with a knowledgeable ERISA disability lawyer. Our attorney has the expertise, resources, skills and winning record necessary to handle ERISA disability appeals effectively.

Take Action Now

Don’t let the complexities of a Lincoln Financial disability denial overwhelm you. Regardless of the insurer’s beliefs, if your disability prevents you from working, you deserve the benefits outlined in your policy. Contact our attorney today for a complimentary review of your denial letter and a strategic plan to reinstate your benefits.

Remember, time is of the essence in appealing Lincoln Financial disability claim denials. Act now to protect your right to pursue legal action against an illegitimate denial.

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