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Has Your Insurance Company Denied
Your Disability Claim?

Whether an insurance company, employer, union or other ERISA governed
plan has denied your insurance claim, we can help.

Health Care Claim Denial Appeal

In One Complimentary Call We Will
  • Review your Health Insurance Claim
  • Assess your Health Insurance Policy & the Benefits Coverage
  • Help you navigate insurance company roadblocks
  • Provide legal advice on how to proceed with your Health Insurance Claim

Dos & Don’ts

Health Care Claim

  • Do your best to get written approval in advance of treatment.
  • Do send a confirmatory letter if approval is not in writing.
  • Do know your state’s mental health parity laws.
  • Do get copies of your health care plan and subscriber agreement.
  • Do research to determine if your health plan approves the treatment in other states.
  • Don’t accept NO for an answer
  • Don’t wait for approval if you are facing an emergency.
  • Don’t forget to keep copies of correspondence from your health plan and explanations of benefits.
  • Don’t appeal until you have your entire claim file.
  • Don’t ever file an appeal as simple as “I appeal” as some insurance companies try to encourage.
Learn everything you need to know with this helpful Health Insurance fact sheet.

6 Tips for Winning Your Health Care Claim Denial Appeal

Many people give up too easily. Although a tedious process, we have found that if done correctly there is a good chance that you could win your appeal.

1. Learn why your claim was denied

You need to understand why your claim was denied before you can fight. Start with reviewing your explanation of benefits (EOB) and the codes used to explain the decision. The EOB is a standard form sent by the insurance company whenever you have a claim, regardless if it is approved or denied. Research the codes on your EOB and learn what they mean and if they are correct.

2. Investigate Errors

Sometimes a payment was denied due to a simple error. Check:
  • Misspelling
  • Insurance ID Number
  • Date of Service
  • Other coding
If a mistake was made ask the insurance company or health care provider to correct it and resubmit your claim.

3. Compile Medical Evidence

Gather all the evidence to show that the services you need covered are medically necessary. Referrals, prescriptions from your doctor and any relevant information about your medical history may help your claim get approved the second time around.

4. Proper Paperwork is Important

If you need to write a letter to your insurance company make sure to include the correct claim number and the number on your health insurance card. Also, check to see if you can use standard insurance company appeals form, it will speed up the process. Your insurance company should give you information about this. Don’t limit your documents to forms. Provide as much relevant documentary evidence as you can.

5. Keep a Paper Trail

Keep track of all your paperwork and take careful notes during every phone call with the insurance company. Record the name and the job title of the person you’re speaking to and write down the date of the conversation and any next steps. In addition, ask for a “call reference number,” and if an appeal was submitted, get the “document image number.” This information will help you build your case as well as move the appeal process forward.

6. How to Accelerate the Process if Needed

It’s the law, you can file an expedited appeal if the timeline for the standard appeal process would seriously jeopardize your life or your ability to regain maximum function. In such cases, file internal and external appeals simultaneously. If you’re too sick to take care of this on your own, your doctor can file an external appeal on your behalf. Our clients benefit from having someone on their side who understands the complicated appeal process and is skilled at navigating it. Last resort, file suit. To talk with a lawyer you can trust about fighting your health care claim visit us at, or call us at 617-934-7488 or toll-free at 866-406-9783. Your initial consultation is complimentary.

Learn everything you need to know with this helpful Health Care Claim fact sheet.


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