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Has A Life Insurance Company
Denied Your Claim?

We can help you secure the life insurance benefits your loved one intended you to receive.

Fighting the Insurance Company on Your Accidental Death and Dismemberment Claim

Massachusetts accidental death claims lawyerIf your accidental death and dismemberment claim has been denied, you are probably feeling confused and discouraged. You may be puzzled at how what seems clearly an accident to you, is not one in the insurer’s eyes. Fighting the insurance company may seem daunting as you grieve for your loved one or recover from catastrophic injuries, but you don’t need to fight alone. At the law office of Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire, our Massachusetts accidental death claims attorney provides highly skilled help to people who have suffered dismemberment and those who have lost loved ones as the result of an accident.

Experienced Handling of Complex Claims

After an AD&D claim is denied, you have a right to an appeal and, if your appeal is denied, you can sue the insurer. Massachusetts accidental death claims attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has extensive experience successfully representing clients in litigation involving accidental death and dismemberment insurance claims that have been denied. Common claim denials involve:
  • Alcohol exclusions.
  • Drug exclusions.
  • Single-car accidents.
  • Pre-existing illness or disease exclusions.
  • Private aircraft exclusions.
  • War exclusions.
Our understanding of accidental death and dismemberment policies allows us to resolve many complex claims in favor of our clients. With our knowledge and history of results, we are able to combat bad faith practices and protect our clients’ rights.

How We Help

We begin with an evaluation of your claim. When you come to our offices for the first time, be sure to bring all the paperwork you have in connection with the claim. These papers could include: your policy or summary plan description; the denial letter and any other correspondence you have received from the insurance company; any documentation you have sent to the insurance company; and any other documents you have about the circumstances of your loved one’s death or your accident. We will review your insurance policy, your denial letter, and documentation to identify and prepare to respond to the reasons why the insurer denied your claim. If you have a good claim and agree to have us represent you we will:
  • Gather any additional evidence that could support your claim such as police reports, EMS reports, witness statements, death certificate, autopsy reports, and medical records.
  • Consult with experts (e.g., doctors and accident reconstructionists) as appropriate.
  • Research applicable law.
  • Prepare your appeal, including all evidence and legal arguments that should be submitted with it.
  • File and pursue a lawsuit if your appeal is denied and a lawsuit is appropriate.

Contact a Massachusetts Accidental Death Claims Attorney

Many AD&D claims are denied erroneously so don’t give up before you get advice from a Massachusetts accidental death claims attorney. Jonathan M. Feigenbaum is proud of what he has been able to accomplish for his clients, particularly in overcoming the very difficult hurdles faced by ERISA claimants. Insurance companies are adept in using ERISA to their advantage in order to deny claims that should be paid. If your dismemberment or accidental death claim has been denied, we are prepared to help. Contact us online or call 617-357-9700 or 866-396-9722 (toll free) to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

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