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Prudential Disability Insurance Denials Attorney

Prudential is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. They have generated billions of dollars in profits over the last few years and continue to take advantage of consumers with unfair denials of long-term disability claims and prolonging the approval process for claims. They have a history of wrongfully denying claims and are currently under investigation regarding unfair practices against consumers. They are not acting in your best interest and will do everything in their power to deny your claim. Their number one objective is to make money for their investors, and they do this by denying as many claims as possible.

The Battle Against Unjust Denials

Prudential, like other billion-dollar disability insurance companies, often resorts to denying legitimate claims or creating obstacles for policyholders. Whether through outright denials, convincing settlements for less money, or delaying claims, insurers rely on policyholders not putting up a fight. If you believe Prudential has treated you unfairly regarding your disability plan, a Prudential Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer in Boston can be your advocate.

Understanding Prudential’s Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

Prudential’s LTD Insurance, like other plans, offers income protection by replacing a portion of your annual income in case of covered sickness or accidental disability. It’s crucial to comprehend the specific features and policy provisions to avoid delays and wrongful denials. Insurance companies have doctors and other experts on their payroll to ensure that your claim is in their best interest, not yours.

Exclusions from Disability Insurance Benefits

Prudential, like all insurers, categorically excludes certain circumstances from receiving disability benefits. These include intentionally self-inflicted injuries, involvement in war or riots, and the commission of a crime leading to conviction. Understanding these exclusions is vital to successfully navigating the claims process. The insurance companies will try to confuse you and make the process more complicated. Having an experienced attorney with a history of dealing with large insurance providers is key to getting the benefits you deserve.

Defining Disability according to Prudential

Prudential defines disability as the inability to perform material and substantial duties of one’s regular occupation. This goes beyond job-specific tasks, focusing on the overall inability to perform the occupation in the usual and customary way. Prudential looks at factors like total disability, loss in monthly earnings, and regular care by a treating doctor.

Can Prudential Deny Claims in Bad Faith?

While insurance companies have conditions for coverage, they are bound by the obligation to act in good faith. Bad faith actions, such as unjustified denials, failure to investigate claims, and improper claim reviews, can lead to legal consequences. Recognizing bad faith is crucial to ensuring fair treatment. We understand the process can be frustrating and challenging and we are here to fight for you. If you have any questions please contact our firm today, and we will help you understand your best options for fighting back against your denied claim.

 Appeals and Legal Action

If Prudential denies your claim, you have the right to appeal. Group disability appeals must generally be exhausted before filing a federal lawsuit under ERISA. If bad faith is evident, legal action may be pursued without an appeal. Consulting a Prudential Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer can guide you through the process.

Fighting Back with Attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum

In the face of Prudential’s patchy claim history, legal representation becomes crucial. Attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has a mission to ensure that the disadvantaged and disabled receive rightful benefits in good faith. If your claim is delayed or denied, don’t hesitate to fight back.

Prudential’s stature doesn’t exempt it from accountability. If you believe your valid claim has been denied, take action. Consult with our Boston Prudential Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer to explore your options and ensure you receive what you rightfully deserve. Call 866-396-9722 for immediate assistance. The fight for justice in disability insurance is paramount, and attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum is here to champion your cause.

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