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Has Your Insurance Company Denied
Your Disability Claim?

Whether an insurance company, employer, union or other ERISA governed
plan has denied your insurance claim, we can help.

Long Term Disability Claim Fact Sheet

Learn everything you need to know with this helpful Long Term Disability Claim fact sheet.


Insurance companies want to deny your long term disability claim

Even though your insurance company may act friendly, sometimes the company’s goal is to find a reason to deny your claim. Jonathan Feigenbaum works tirelessly to help you receive what you are legally entitled to receive. Our mission is to assist you with filing a strong claim backed by medical evidence and vocational proof to increase the chances that your claim will be approved. We understand why a long term disability claim is denied, and we know how to move them forward to approval.

It’s important to avoid claim filing pitfalls

We understand the intricacies and potential pitfalls when filing for long term disability benefits. We help make certain that you follow all the required steps to increase the probability that your claim will be paid. Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has recovered millions of dollars for clients.

Filing Correct documents increase probability of winning your claim

Regardless of whether you are applying for benefits under an ERISA LTD plan or filing another type of claim for disability insurance benefits, there are several important documents that you must carefully fill out. We explain the documents & help you complete them with as much detail as possible to increase the likelihood that your claim will be paid.

The Success of your claim hinges on proper doctor evidence

A successful claim often depends on your doctor using specific language in describing your work “restrictions” and “limitations”. We help you assemble documentary evidence validating your disability. Proper documents include those from your doctor, family, co-workers and others that provide the necessary facts to increase the odds of your claim being approved.

Gathering solid evidence to support your claim

When your insurance company reviews a detailed application supported with solid evidence proving your disability, the insurer is more likely to approve your claim. We guide you through the process and help you file a compelling claim. Our law firm’s goal is the same as yours – prompt payment of your claim.

A Claim Evaluation Before Your Claim Is Submitted Improves Your Chances of Winning

Mr. Feigenbaum will examine your claim and help you make it more persuasive. To talk with a lawyer you can trust about your insurance or employee benefits claim or appealing or pursuing litigation in court, contact us at, or call at 617-681-7815 or toll-free at 866-876-4856. Your initial consultation is complimentary.

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