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Our ERISA Attorney Discusses Ischemic Heart Disease

Have you been diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease? Are your acute chest pains or shortness of breath interfering with your ability to perform your job duties? Have you already suffered a heart attack and fear that the continued stresses of your employment may cause another? You should speak to a knowledgeable ERISA attorney to discuss your options and whether you should go on disability.

What Is Ischemic Heart Disease?

Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD), also known as a Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), is a condition that affects the supply of blood to your heart. A narrowed or blocked coronary artery caused by cholesterol deposits on the vessel walls reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your heart muscle. This may eventually cause your heart tissue to die from the oxygen deprivation, resulting in a heart attack. Since the heart is essential for delivering oxygenated blood to your organs, including the brain, any defects to the heart will then affect your organs. Without oxygen, your organ tissues will also die. Ultimately, without proper treatment, diet and exercise, IHD could result in death.

What Are Symptoms of ICH?

Common symptoms of IHD include:
  • Angina pectoris (severe chest pain) that may radiate to the left shoulder, arms, neck, back, or jaw
  • Acute chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue, weakness or dizziness
  • Edema (swelling of extremities)
  • Heart palpitations (irregular or skipped heart beats)
  • Sweating
  • Faster heartbeat
  • Heart failure
These symptoms most often occur when the heart requires greater blood flow, such as during excitement or exertion. Some people, however, may experience these symptoms during ordinary physical activity. IHD diagnosed people may also feel depression due to the limitations caused by their symptoms or anxiety that any exertion or stress may cause the onset of symptoms or a heart attack.

Proving Your Disability

Even if your doctor recommends you stop working because of your IHD, you still do not have a slam dunk claim for disability. Insurance companies need more than just a doctor’s note saying you should stop working. They want to know why you need to stop working and not just change jobs. Our ERISA attorney understands the key components that insurance companies seek, such as:
  • Medical evidence confirming your diagnosis with IHD.
  • How your IHD prevents you from performing your employment duties.
  • Risks associated with your employment that would exacerbate your condition or cause a heart attack.
Our experienced ERISA attorney will compile a package of relevant and necessary materials in support of your claim to your disability insurer, including:
  • Your entire medical history, including a history of your illness, results of all the medical tests you have undergone, diagnosis of IHD, and your doctor’s treatment notes, recommendations and prognosis
  • Your employment history, including job description, analysis of your job requirements, your education and training and other documentation explaining your job duties and potential for performing other occupations. We will ensure that the insurance company receives a full description of your occupation and why you cannot perform those duties, even duties that do not require physical exertion, without risk of aggravating or exacerbating of your condition.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with IHD, you should contact an ERISA attorney to discuss your options. We are here to help and guide you through the insurance disability claims process no matter what stage you are in. Call skilled ERISA attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esq. at (617) 357-9700.

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