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Weston MA Disability Lawyer

Weston MA Disability Lawyer - erisaattorneys.comAre you suffering from an injury or illness so severe that your condition prevents you from working? If so, Weston MA disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum can help you file a long term disability (LTD) claim. If you have already filed an LTD claim and it was denied, we can also help you file an appeal. We have immense knowledge and experience, and have helped hundreds of clients with their LTD claims and appeals. You, too, can obtain the benefits you deserve with an experienced disability lawyer at your side.

Long Term Disability Insurance

You can obtain LTD insurance either through your employer or privately. LTD insurance is beneficial because it covers a percentage of your income if you become disabled from an illness or injury. To be eligible for disability, you must be disabled for a specified period of time – usually 26 weeks but could be anywhere between 10 to 53 weeks. Your Weston MA disability lawyer will meticulously review your LTD insurance policy and explain your eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for LTD Benefits

Your LTD policy will outline the eligibility requirements for benefits. Generally, you could be eligible for benefits if you:

  • Experienced a disabling injury or illness lasting for an extended period of time;
  • Wait your policy’s specified time since the qualifying event; and,
  • Had income prior to your disabling injury or illness

Applying for LTD Benefits

You should apply for LTD benefits as soon as eligible because the claims process can take time. For one, your application could be delayed because:

  • You are required to provide supplemental benefits.
  • You must go through the appeals process because your claim was denied.

Your Weston MA disability lawyer can help you package a thorough claims application or appeal, containing all of your supporting evidence of your disability and incapability to work.

Claims Process

To apply for benefits, you must first complete the claims form containing numerous questions you must respond to completely. You should also include all relevant medical records, pay stubs, and other supporting evidence. Once your claims application is complete, you can then file it with your LTD insurer. Ensure you meet all deadlines and provide appropriate evidence, otherwise you risk having your claim denied. Your LTD insurer will then review your application and determine whether it has been approved, needs additional information, or denied.

The claims process can be onerous and may require constant communication with the insurer. Your Weston MA disability lawyer can communicate and respond appropriately to the insurer on your behalf, decreasing the amount of possible delays.

Jonathan M. Feigenbaum Can Help You Throughout the LTD Process

Don’t get stressed during the claims process. With the help of an experienced Weston MA disability lawyer, your chance of a successful application or appeal increases. We will ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and provide sufficient evidence supporting your claim. All LTD insurance companies must comply with the strict insurance laws directing how the insurer must handle insurance claims. The laws also determine the time frame the insurer must act within. Jonathan M. Feigenbaum can:

  • Protect and educate you on your LTD rights throughout the claims process;
  • Obtain all supporting documentation, such as:
    • Medical records,
    • Employment records, including pay stubs,
    • Statements from your friends, family and co-works attesting to your restrictions and limitations,
    • Treating physician’s narrative describing your diagnosis, treatment history, prognosis, and your limitations and restrictions;
  • Prepare your claims for or appeal and other documentation; and,
  • File your claim or appeal.

Consult a Weston MA Disability Lawyer

For assistance with your LTD claims or appeal, contact Weston MA disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire at 866-876-4856. We offer exceptional service, personalized representation, and aggressive legal representation to assist you in obtaining the benefits you deserve.

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