Escalating Denials of Long-Term-Care Claims Spurs Jonathan M. Feigenbaum into Action

Press Release For Immediate Release BOSTON, MA September 7, 2016 – For many years, Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has assisted clients in securing long term care (LTC) benefits they paid for and deserve. Recently, the frequency of long-term-care claim denials by unscrupulous insurance companies has spurred him to use his experience in this area to help […]

Brain Cancer Disability Claim Randomly Terminated and Reinstated

Brain Cancer Diagnosed in Active Director of Manufacturing. Brain cancer symptoms started as strong headaches, blurred vision, loss of balance, muscular weakness, confusion, and seizures. William was in his early 50’s, and had a successful career as the Director of Manufacturing for a Fortune 1000 company. In his spare time, he enjoyed playing sports with […]

Trigeminal Neuralgia Long Term Disability Claim Won After 4 Appeals

Trigeminal Neuralgia – Won Long Term Disability Claim After 4 Appeals Diligence finally paid off for Patty. Patty was a 60-year-old when her initial claim for long term disability benefits due to Trigeminal Neuralgia was denied.  She was a single mom of adult children with a successful career working for a life science company training […]

Protecting Pharmacist From Unwarranted Benefit Termination

Maria emigrated from Europe to the US in her thirties. She was a pharmacist in the native country. When she resettled in the US, she attended a US pharmacy school so she could work in the field she had previously studied and found the work, rewarding both emotionally and financially. She enjoyed the fast pace […]