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Somerville Disability Lawyer

Somerville Disability LawyerSomerville disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has extensive experience helping clients through the long term disability (LTD) claims process, and he can guide you through appeals, if necessary. If you need help navigating the LTD system, call us today at (866) 396-9722.

What Is Long Term Disability?

Long term disability is a form of insurance that can help you if you become unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness, injury, or accident. Although you may have bought your own LTD policy, these insurance policies are often available through employers. Our Somerville disability lawyer can help you determine if you have long term disability benefits as well as the process through which you’ll need to submit a claim. Long term disability usually kicks in after you’ve been disabled for a certain period of time – usually between 10 and 53 weeks after an eligible event. The average length of time you’ll have to wait is 26 weeks. If approved, you’ll receive a portion of your income for an extended period of time. You may even be able to receive LTD benefits for life or become eligible for an LTD settlement.

Eligibility for Long Term Disability

Eligibility and the amount of income that it covers will depend on the insurance company and your specific policy. A Somerville disability lawyer can help you determine if you’re eligible for LTD benefits. It will require evaluating your insurance policy as well as your medical information.

You may be eligible for LTD benefits if you:

  • Experience an illness or injury lasting an extended period of time;
  • Wait the required amount of time since the eligible incident; and
  • Had income prior to the illness, injury, or accident.

Applying for Long Term Disability

The first step to making a claim for LTD benefits is submitting a claims form with your long term disability insurance carrier. The claims form will ask many questions and require you to include a significant amount of medical information. It’s important that you meet deadlines and provide the appropriate information. Otherwise, you may be denied LTD insurance. Our Somerville disability attorney can help you with the initial application process. We understand what insurance companies are asking for and we can guide you through their legal forms.

The LTD insurance company take one of the following actions regarding your application:

  • Approve your claim for long term disability insurance;
  • Request additional information; or
  • Deny your claim outright.

In most cases, insurance companies will request more information from you and your medical providers. They may even contact your medical providers directly. Our Somerville disability lawyer can help you discuss the situation with your doctors to make sure they support your claim.

A Somerville Disability Lawyer Can Help You

Throughout the LTD claims process, you may feel unsure of what you should do. We can help you determine your next steps as well as protect your rights. LTD insurance companies must comply with laws regarding how they handle both claims and the time frames they operate within.

We can help you with the follwoing:

  • Understanding your rights throughout the LTD claims process;
  • Gathering pay records, medical information, bank statements, and other required documents;
  • Obtaining medical records and statements from your doctors about your condition;
  • Drafting claims forms and other required insurance documents; and
  • Filing a claim that will give you the best chance of approval.

Call Somerville Disability Attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire Today

If you have questions about your long term disability and the process of making a claim or appealing a denial, contact us today. We will work with you to help you understand the process as well as your rights. Call a Somerville disability lawyer today at (866) 396-9722.

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