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Medford Disability Lawyer

Medford Disability Lawyer - erisaattorneys.comDoes your debilitating condition severely limit your ability to work? If so, contact a Medford disability lawyer who can help you with your long term disability (LTD) claim or appeal. Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has substantial experience helping clients with their LTD claims or appeals. With his extensive knowledge, he can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

What Is Long Term Disability Insurance?

You may have purchased LTD insurance or obtained it through your employer. LTD insurance provides coverage for a portion of your income in case you become disabled for an extended amount of time due to a condition or injury. If you have LTD insurance, a knowledgeable Medford disability lawyer can examine your insurance policy documents to determine whether you have LTD insurance and what requirements you must fulfill to qualify for benefits.

When to Apply for LTD Benefits

You should begin your claim for LTD benefits immediately if:

  • Your condition prevents you from working;
  • The condition was caused by an injury or illness; and,
  • You waited your LTD policy’s required number of weeks. Generally, the wait period is between 10 to 53 weeks, averaging 26 weeks.

It is best to apply sooner rather than later. Your claim may take a while to be processed or it could be delayed if you are required to provide supplement information. If your initial claim was denied, more time will pass as you go through the appeal process. Your Medford disability lawyer can help you throughout the claims and/or appeals process, ensuring your supporting evidence is complete and thorough.

Claims Process

Your claims package filed with the LTD insurance company should include both the claims application form and supporting documents. Your LTD insurance will review your claims package and respond in one of three ways:

  • Approval
  • Request for more information
  • Denial

Claims processes can be lengthy, requiring a number of communications with the LTD insurance. A Medford disability lawyer can help you during every stage of the claims process. We can compile your comprehensive claims package and handle all correspondence with your LTD insurance.

What Jonathan M. Feigenbaum Can Do for You

Medford disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum can help ease the otherwise overwhelming LTD claims process by:

  • Getting your medical and employment records;
  • Obtaining statements from your family, friends and co-workers regarding your restrictions and limitations;
  • Requesting that your treating physician provide a narrative that includes your diagnosis, limitations and restrictions, prognosis, and treatment history;
  • Gathering your pay stubs; and,
  • Helping you file your LTD claim.

We can also obtain and supplement your claims package if your LTD insurance requests for additional information. If your claim is denied, we can help you appeal the decision with additional supporting evidence to help you obtain what you deserve.

Settling Your LTD Claim

Once approved, you may receive a percentage of your income. That percent is usually between 40 to 60 percent of your salary. Successful applicants usually receive benefits over, depending on your LTD policy, three years. Depending on your age, condition and prognosis, you may decide to settle your LTD claim to receive a lump sum instead. A Medford disability lawyer can evaluate your situation and help you determine whether receiving payments over a period of time or settling is right for you.

Speak to a Medford Disability Lawyer

For help filing your LTD claim or appeal, or to obtain more information, contact Medford disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire at 866-876-4856.

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