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Hartford Disability Lawyer

Hartford Disability Lawyer - erisaattorneys.comHartford disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum is ready to assist you in negotiating the often frustrating and complicated process necessary to secure your long term disability benefits.

The Hartford Insurance Company is one of the country’s largest providers of long term disability coverage. The company offers coverage directly to consumers and through many employers as a benefit of employment.

Unfortunately, even if you have long term disability coverage that should entitle you to benefits, The Hartford often denies claims or offers reduced payments. When you are denied the full coverage you deserve, you do not have to fight The Hartford on your own. Hartford disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum will work on your behalf to see that The Hartford complies with its obligations under the long term disability policy you purchased.

Hartford disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has worked with customers of The Hartford Insurance Company for years. Many clients have found his skill and knowledge invaluable in the pursuit of their rightful long term disability benefits. Contact Jonathan M. Feigenbaum today. We’re happy to answer your questions even if you’re not ready to hire an attorney to help you file your claim.

What Is Long Term Disability Insurance?

A long term disability insurance policy pays you a monthly benefit if you become injured or sick and cannot work for an extended period. It differs from the short term disability coverage many employers offer. To be eligible for long term disability coverage under the typical policy, you will have to show that you are unable to work in your own occupation for the first 24 months. After 24 months, you have to prove that you can no longer work in any occupation.

Assistance Through Your Disability Claims Process

You can file your initial claim for long term disability benefits on your own. You may find that having the assistance of a Hartford disability lawyer will make the claims process run more smoothly and increase your chances of obtaining approval on the first try.

The Hartford will ask you to complete a claims form and to provide medical records. The company will ask your doctors to provide statements describing your condition. The company may send you for a medical exemption with one of its own doctors. You may also be placed under surveillance to confirm the extent of your illness or injury.

Your Hartford disability lawyer will work closely with you and offer advice during every step of the claims process. Jonathan Feigenbaum will help you:

  • understand your rights,
  • gather required documents, including pay records, bank statements, and medical records,
  • obtain statements from your doctors detailing your condition,
  • draft the claim form, and
  • file your claim in a way that will offer you the best chance of approval.

The Hartford and other insurance companies make it hard for deserving customers to get the benefits they paid for. Your Hartford disability lawyer can help you level the playing field. Contact Jonathan M. Feigenbaum today to schedule a no cost consultation. With us by your side, you won’t have to fight The Hartford alone.

Help With Your Disability Appeal

Sometimes, even though your claim is complete, thorough, and clearly demonstrates that you are entitled to long term disability benefits, The Hartford denies your claim. The denial does not have to be the end of journey. You can take advantage of the Hartford’s internal appeal process or file an ERISA lawsuit in federal court and have your claim decided by the federal judge.

The appeal process can be complicated. You’ll enjoy your best chance at success with a Hartford disability lawyer, who will help you:

  • understand why The Hartford denied the claim,
  • evaluate whether an ERISA federal lawsuit is appropriate,
  • gather any additional documents or information needed to support your appeal,
  • expertly complete the appeals paperwork, and
  • ensure that you file your appeal on time.

Hiring a Hartford Disability Lawyer

Are you concerned whether you can afford to hire an attorney to help you secure benefits under your long term disability insurance policy? You may not be able to afford to go it alone. The Hartford is a huge company with many employees, including attorneys, whose job is to find a way to deny your long term disability claim. You deserve to have an advocate on your side with a winning track record against The Hartford and the skills to see your claim through.

Hartford disability lawyer Jonathan P. Feigenbaum will represent you on a contingency fee basis. That means that we only receive payment after we are successful in securing your disability benefits for you. Otherwise, you pay no fee and no court costs.

Are you ready to get started? Contact Jonathan P. Feigenbaum today for A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION.

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