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Brookline Disability Lawyer

Brookline disability lawyerIf you are experiencing a debilitating condition that prevents or severely restricts you from performing your duties at your employment, you may qualify for long term disability (LTD). But the process of obtaining LTD benefits is complex, especially without the assistance of experienced Brookline disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum.

Long Term Disability Defined

LTD is a type of insurance that pays a portion of your salary if you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to injury or illness. You can purchase your own LTD policy, but it is also available through your employer. Depending on the terms of your policy, you may become eligible for LTD benefits if you have been disabled after a stated amount of time – generally 10 to 53 weeks after a qualifying occurrence. The average length of time you must be disabled is about 26 weeks.  If you are approved for LTD benefits, you may then receive a percentage of your salary for an extended time period or for life, or become eligible for a LTD settlement. A Brookline disability lawyer can help you determine whether you qualify for LTD. He can also help you determine the disability time requirement.

LTD Eligibility

The eligibility requirements and the amount of benefits you will receive vary depending on the specific terms of your policy and the insurance company. Our Brookline disability lawyer can review your LTD policy and medical records to determine whether you are eligible for LTD benefits. You may qualify for benefits if you:

  • Are experiencing an injury or illness that lasts for a lengthened period of time;
  • Wait the amount of time specified on your policy since the qualifying event; and,
  • Had an income before your illness or injury.

Applying for LTD Benefits

To begin the process of claiming your LTD benefits, you must submit a claims application to your LTD insurance carrier. You must respond to the numerous questions on the claims form and include significant and relevant medical information. It is crucial to abide by the strict deadlines and provide all appropriate documents or risk having your claim denied. After reviewing your claim package, your LTD insurance company will:

  • Approve your claim for LTD benefits;
  • Request additional information; or,
  • Deny your claim.

Our knowledgeable Brookline disability lawyer can help you compile all necessary medical records and documents, package your claim application and help you throughout the application or appeal process.

Our Brookline Disability Lawyer Can Assist You Through the Process

Applying for LTD benefits on your own may be overwhelming and frustrating. Our experienced Brookline disability lawyer can review your policy terms and assess your qualifying condition. He will determine what needs to be done to increase your chances of approval for benefits, in addition to protecting your LTD rights. LTD insurance companies have to comply with laws that state how they deal with the insurance claims as well as the time frame they act within. Your disability lawyer can do the following:

  • Educate you on your rights during the LTD claims process;
  • Obtain all required documents, such as:
    • pay stubs,
    • medical records,
    • employment records, and
    • medical provider’s narrative discussing your diagnosis, prognosis, treatment history, and restrictions and limitations;
  • Prepare the claims forms as well as other documents; and,
  • File your claim (or appeal) to provide you the best opportunity of approval.


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For more information regarding your LTD or for assistance with the claims or appeals process, contact qualified Brookline disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire at 866-876-4856. We will not only help you understand your right, but also assemble the required evidence that LTD insurance companies demand to approve a LTD claim.

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