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Boston Disability Lawyer

Boston disability attorneyBoston disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum can help you navigate the complex disability claims or appeals process. If you’re considering a long term disability (LTD) claim or need to make an appeal, you need an experienced lawyer who understands the process and can walk you through it. Contact us today for a free claim analysis at (866) 396-9722.

Short Term Disability vs. Long Term Disability

You may have private disability insurance that covers either short term disability or long term disability. Disability insurance is usually purchased through your employer. However, if you are self-employed, you can purchase a policy through an insurance agent. A skilled Boston disability lawyer can review your disability policy and subsequently determine what type of insurance coverage you have and whether you are eligible for benefits.

Short term disability covers a certain percentage of your wages, usually between 40 and 60 percent, if you’re unable to work due to a disability for a short period of time. You often have to wait for up to seven days before short term disability will start coverage. Short term disability usually lasts for up to 90 days.

Long term disability may start coverage after 90 days. It also pays you a percentage of your gross weekly wages while employed. Long term disability benefits are available until you are able to work again or you become eligible for retirement at age 65. At 65, you are able to receive Social Security benefits from the government.

Obtaining Disability Benefits

Both short and long term disability require an application for benefits through an insurance company prior to obtaining your disability benefits to cover your lost wages. You must provide a significant amount of information and medical evidence before your insurance company will approve your benefits. The approval process can be complex and require a lot of confusing paperwork. A Boston disability lawyer can help you smoothly complete the application process.

It is often difficult to obtain disability benefits because your insurance company will require specific medical evidence and statements from your physicians. The documentation must be provided according to short deadlines that can be hard to meet. Your medical providers may even charge you for completing special paperwork and producing medical records.

What to Do If You’re Denied Disability Benefits

If you are denied disability benefits by the insurance company or your employer, you have a right to appeal. The appeals process, like the application process, is complex and requires specific information by strict deadlines. It is best to obtain the assistance of an experienced Boston disability lawyer who can communicate with your insurance company and file necessary paperwork.

Some disability insurance companies deny or delay claims in bad faith, or unfairly and illegally. If any of the following things have happened to you and your claim was denied, your insurance company may be guilty of bad faith:

  • They required excessive, unnecessary, or duplicative information.
  • They delayed your claim for an unreasonable amount of time without cause.
  • The company denied your claim without a valid reason.
  • The company paid you lower benefits than is stated in your policy.

Boston disability lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has extensive experience with the disability appeals process. He regularly works with medical providers to obtain the kind of information requested by insurance companies. He can make sure you have the necessary information provided within time restrictions set by the insurance company.

Settlement of Your Long Term Disability Claim

Most people are on long term disability for more than three years. You may be able to collect benefits until you turn 65. This amount of time on disability can amount to a large amount of money over time. However, you may have the option of settling your claim for future benefits for a lump sum payment. Many people who want to try to return to work or who have a disease that could result in death opt for a settlement of long term disability benefits.

The amount of your long term disability settlement will depend on your age, the projected time left for you to recover, and the amount of benefits you are receiving. If you have many years before you will be eligible for retirement benefits or you are not expected to recover for some time, you may be able to get a substantial settlement from your disability insurance company. A Boston disability lawyer can evaluate your claim and help you determine if settlement is a good option for you.

A Boston Disability Lawyer Can Help You

If you need to file a disability claim or if your claim application has been denied, you should seek the assistance of a Boston disability lawyer who is familiar with the disability process. Attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum works with disability applicants, insurance companies, and medical providers on a regular basis. He will explain your legal options to you, as well as help you make the best decision in your situation. If you are interested in a long term disability settlement, we can help you with that as well. Call a Boston disability lawyer today at (866) 396-9722.

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